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We’re Moving!

by Barbara

The Cookie Studio is pleased to announce that after almost 6 years in our beloved Decatur we are relocating to Buckhead in late March. This move is bittersweet for us. While we are extremely delighted to be able to expand to a much larger space, we are sad to leave our wonderful and supportive patrons and friends we see so often. For those needing a Cookie Studio treat, we have made arrangements with the Oakhurst Market, Taste and The Beehive (in the Edgewood Retail District) to carry some of our products. We will keep you updated on any other locations where our products will be available.

Our new larger space in Buckhead will enable us to expand our menu. We will be offering an array of breakfast items, as well as a wide selection of coffee options. There will be plenty of seating so customers will be able to sit and enjoy our delicious products, visit with friends or work at one of our small tables while taking advantage of our free Wi-Fi. We will have available space for children’s parties and small group gatherings. We’re expanding the hours of operation and will now be open Monday thru Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

We are grateful to each of you for your support over the years. We will continue to operate out of the Decatur location until the latter part of March so please stop by for a visit.

Our new address in Buckhead will be:

The Cookie Studio
30 Pharr Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

Thank you for your continued support and patience while we make this exciting transition. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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by Barbara

‘Tis the Season

by Barbara


This week, I spent a great deal of time running errands and catching up with friends. No matter where I went, I was always met with the most pleasant aroma. That’s right, baked goods. Cookies, cakes, pies…you name it. What a wonderful experience for my olfactory system. It dawned on me that this always happens to me every year at this time. People bake during this time of year. They bake for their families, for friends, for colleagues. ‘Tis the season, right? It is the most inviting and comforting smell. (I suppose that is why a number of realtors have recommended that their clients have the smell of fresh baked cookies wafting through the house as potential buyers roam about the premises.) The smell is powerful, almost hypnotic. I call it “the power of baked goods.” When I enter a home or business that is ripe with the aroma of fresh baked goods, I feel my mood improve. I don’t get bothered if I have to wait a little longer than usual for assistance when shopping. I linger a bit when visiting others just to get another whiff. Thankfully, I get to experience this feeling every day that I walk into work. As I was heading home today, I realized that in a little more than a month the coach will revert back to a pumpkin, so to speak. The homes, buildings and stores will return to their usual smell. My patience will be restored to normal levels. I won’t linger in stores or homes as much as I currently do. Life will return to normal. C’est la vie. Well, we still have the next few weeks.
Tis the season.